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About AH Engineering

A.H ENGEERING is a Waterproofing and Heat-proofing, Foam concrete, Cur-cutting Steel grouting, Braking, Civil work, jacketing Work Company, based in Karachi, Pakistan. Our mission is to serve our clients with cost effective and workable solution for basement, water tank, roof and bathroom sunk area leakage and seepage and leakage problems.

Our flagship products include cementation waterproofing coating BASF Thoroseal (Belgium) & Greensael 200 (Malaysian) coating for basement and underground water Tank; Acrylic based tow-component for Greensael 201 (Malaysian); Waterproofing Admixtures RMC (Saudi Arab) & Greesael 100 (Malaysian); Poly cot Bitumen Coating (Saudi Arab); we also deal in DARMABIT (UAE) bituminous membranes of 3mm 4mm thickness.

Our special product, FOAMYCRETE, is a foam concrete which is being widely used for heat proofing reducing temperature by as much as9 degrees Celsius. We also recommend foam concrete for sunk area of bathrooms.

Sir we also deal in special colorless coating which is used for waterproofing fair-face structures. This coating, Aqva Rap (imported from Germany) is widely used on fair surface may also be painted over, thus helping preserve the building as allowing for greater flexibility regarding its use.

Our company deals in Hot bitumen (jut felt, Cotton felt, Asian cloth) with marble cheep 0 #. We hope that our company will be ale to serve you in all your waterproofing needs.

Our company deals in Cur-cutting, Concrete breaking, Steel grouting, with BSAF 2200 & fischer And uses in deferent companies.

Our Services

Water Proofing

Concrete Breaking

Dowel Anchoring

Core Cutting

Foam Concrete

Concrete Jacketing

Epoxy flooring

Road carpeting

Building Material

Our Completed Projects

A.H ENGIEERING has already completed some prestigious projects in the county Including:

  • Basement waterproofing of Creek Marina DHA phase 8 using Derma bit 4mm P/P type bitumen membrane. (GEOCG Chains Company)
  • Roof & Our had tank waterproofing at Gul Ahme Textiles, Landi industrial Area using Greensael Flexi 201 (Mr, Jafar Malik )
  • Dairy Land Farms Dhabeji roof waterproofing using Greensael Flexi 201 with cotton felt. (A.A Associates Mr, Aair Aleem)
  • Balochistan High Court Basement waterproofing with GEO PVC membrane thickness 0.5mm. (Perzada Shuja Raheem)
  • CDGK Parking Plaza, Main Saddar, Karachi Basement waterproofing using BSAF Thorosael (Belgium) and Expansion joints sealing with Polysulphide chemical (UAE), Perzada Shuja Raheem
  • Nooriabad to Jhampeer Pumping station roof waterproofing using Derma bit 4mm P/P type bitumen membrane.(Friends Construction, Eng. Jamal Uddin)
  • Q-City Hyderabad Concrete admixture GS100 & Tank coating GS200 with plugging. (Mr,Roop Chand)
  • State Life Building Hyderabad Basement waterproofing using GS200 with plugging (Mr, RoopChad)
  • EBM Karachi Concrete & metal roof’s waterproofing using Greensael flexi 201 (Engr. Abdullah Shaikh)
  • Orient Enrage System Sunk area in foam concrete Area 7000 cubft with Foamycrete (Architects, Shakil Hyder Mr. abdul Majeed Project co-ordinator)
  • Pizza Hut Narth Nazmabad near Metric Board office roof waterproofing with Hot Bitumen with jut felt. Area 15000 sqft.
  • Business school Admistretion Karachi University Expansion joint 700 rft with polysulphide chemical (UAE), H.S.ENTERPRISES
  • Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Basement Waterproofing Area 60000 sqft ECOGUM an APP4mm type modified bituminous membrane (Saudi Arabia) H.S.ENTERPRISES
  • Amna Textiles Roof Waterproofing Area 3000 sqft with Greensael flexi 201 Technical Manager (Mr,Ttahir Ahmeed)
  • Atlas Engineering Roof Waterproofing Area 60000 sqft with Hi-Grip PG 4000 type modified bituminous membrane mead in Pakistan (Shahid Majeed Associated)
  • Atlas Engineering Road car pitting page work with hot bitumen & crash (Shahid Majeed Associated)
  • Jamia Uloom ul Islamiyah (Banuri Town) Basement Waterproofing Area 30000 sft with Chemfix Capillary Coating (Dirac with client)
  • KBT Oil Tanker Paid with hot bitumen 80/100, 10/20 & crash (Dirac Client)
  • Indus Daining Roof treatment waterproofing with hot bitumen & Bathroom sank area with Chemfix 2 (Dirac Client)
  • Aisha Steel Mills roof insulation with PU foam 1” thickness area 3000 sft with Client
  • Atco Pharma metal roof waterproofing with Chemfix 11 area 10,000 sft with Client
  • Urdu University Karachi bathroom sunk area in fuom concrete 4500 qbft (H.S Enterprises)
  • Aisha steel mills acid tank creek inject the epoxy thin & thick (Munir Constructions Company)
  • HBL DHA Complex water proofing with polycot roof & elevation area (Shahid majeed Associates)
  • Same Pharma site area water proofing with Master Seal 501 in Basement area (Gulf constrictor)
  • KSB Head Office Clifton water proofing with 4mm torch applied ECOGUM membrane in Basement area (Dirac client)
  • KE Site Area Roof waterproofing with Green Seal 201 Area 9000 sft
  • Bahria Town Bathroom waterproofing with Sika 105n going on
  • Drig Road Under bypass Waterproofing 3mm Membarin Roof lain & Cementon CP 509 2componant coating
  • Clifton Under Bypass ht120 house inject pipe
  • King Luxury Bathroom Waterproofing with Cementon CP 509 & sealant
  • Saima Pary Point Grad station Foam Concrete
  • AGS Battery Bathroom & Canttin area Foam Concrete

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